eTakeoff Multi-Product License Installation

This process is used to set or review the license installation information for multiple eTakeoff products. For example, if you purchased Dimension, Bridge and the Bridge/Navisworks interface, you could use this to install all three licenses in one pass.

This is for the installation of permanent, purchased licenses. It cannot be used for Trial, Temporary or Subscription licenses. It also requires access to the internet from within the application. If you don't have internet access, you should install the licenses individually.

Warning: The software for ALL products should be installed before installing the licenses

In Dimension, it can be invoked manually from the Ribbon Bar's "File Tab/Administration/Install Multiple Product Licenses..." option or the Main Menu's "Admin/Install Multiple Product Licenses..." option.

When you purchase multiple product licenses, the licenses are set up in the eTakeoff License Database with a "multi-product key". You are then sent an email with that key.

Installing New Licenses

To install the licenses for a single computer, run Dimension or Bridge and access the Multiple Product Installation Window as described above. The step one page of the installation window will be displayed.

Figure 1: The Step One License Installation Page

Simply enter the multi-product key and press the "Next" button.

If the eTakeoff license server can't be reached, the message "Unable to connect to server" will be displayed. Make sure you have internet access.

If the server is reached but the multiple product key can't be found, the message "The key entered is not valid" will be displayed. Make sure you have entered the key correctly including upper/lower case.

If the server is reached and the key is found, the step two page will be displayed.

Figure 2: The Step Two License Installation Page

In the "Products Available" section, check the boxes for the products you wish to install on this computer.

For "Your Name", enter the user's full name. The eTakeoff license database keeps track of the user names for all installations in case there is confusion regarding who installed the license.

The maintenance expiration dates and the Concurrent Licenses checkbox are for your information only. They can't be changed.

With the products to be installed checked and Your Name entered, press the "Next" button. The step three page will be displayed.

Figure 3: The Step Three License Installation Page

The step three page displays the installation/un-installation results. Once you have review the results, press the "Close" button to exit Multi-product License Installation.

Reviewing Licenses

If you return to Multi-Product Installation after installing licenses, the multi-product key in step one will be automatically displayed and read-only - simply hit Next and proceed to step two. Products will be checked if they are currently installed. You can un-check boxes to uninstall licenses or check additional boxes to install licenses. You can also change "Your Name".

If you make changes, press the "Next" button to execute the changes. As with installing new licenses, the step three page will be displayed with the results.