Classic Toolbar

Long time users of Dimension prefer traditional toolbars or the “Classic Toolbar” look. When the ribbon bar was introduced in eTakeoff Dimension, users who were already familiar with the traditional menus and toolbars did not want to change their look because it was an unnecessary change.Therefore, we offer you a choice between the two. The "Look" tab of the User Preferences allows you to turn ribbon bar use on or off. For new users (new installs), the ribbon bar will be on by default. Existing users (upgrade installs), will retain the traditional menu and toolbars.

Main Menu

The main menu is an assortment of all commands through pull-down menus vs. command buttons on the various toolbars.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains a variety of buttons for commonly used operations. These include file operations, scrolling and zooming, document navigation and controlling the display of other toolbars and windows.

Project Toolbar

The Project Toolbar is used to navigate among projects and the drawings in a project. You can also create and maintain both projects and drawings.

Measurement Toolbar

The Measurement Toolbar is used to create measurements and change the characteristics of measurements.

Annotation Toolbar

The Annotation Toolbar is used to create annotations and change the characteristics of annotations.

Item Assignment Toolbar

The Item Assignment Toolbar is used to assign measurements and annotations to the Quantity Worksheet .

Pattern Search Toolbar

The Pattern Search Toolbar is for the search pattern capabilities described in the Pattern Search Overview .