Standard Trace Selection Window

Standard traces are pre-defined, commonly-used traces that can be quickly assigned to a measurement or a quantity worksheet item. The Standard Trace Selection Window provides a list of traces for selection. This window can be invoked from the Trace Edit Dialog's "Standard Trace Selection Button" when editing a measurement trace or a quantity worksheet trace. It is also optionally displayed automatically when starting a new measurement.

Figure 1: The Standard Trace Selection Window

Most of the window is filled with a list of standard traces. You can change the size of the window.

To select a trace, double-click on the desired trace or put the focus on the desired trace and press the Enter key.

To cancel trace selection, click on the Close button in the window caption or press the Escape key.

Display this list when starting new measurements -  If this box is checked, the trace selection window will de displayed each time a new measurement is started.