Dimension Unlock Window

This window is used to unlock the Dimension software upon first use. it is invoked automatically when you start Dimension for the first time.

To obtain an unlock code please fill out the form located at: http://etakeoff.com/products/dimension/download-dimension or call (844) 863-7643

Use 15-day Trial License

Select this item for a 15-day Trial License which allows you to review all the features of our Premier Takeoff Software.
Enter your unlock code at the "Unlock Code:" prompt.

This is the recommended selection.

Figure 1: The Dimension Unlock Window for Trial License

Install Purchased License

Select this item if you have already purchased a license, you may enter it at the "Purchased License" prompt.
You will be re-directed to the Dimension License Installation Window.

Figure 3: The Dimension Unlock Window for Purchased License