User ID Window

Dimension is a multi-user application. Several different users can work on the same project simultaneously. Dimension keeps track of quite a bit of information for each user on a project:

Saving this information allows the user to return to a project and easily take up where they left off. The User ID is used to uniquely identify all this information. The User ID is specified via the User ID Window (shown below). The user ID Window can be invoked from the Main Menu's Admin/Set User ID option. The User ID Window will be displayed automatically when Dimension starts under two circumstances:

Figure 1: The User ID Window

User ID -  Select a User ID that won't be used by anyone else sharing the same project information. In most cases, the first part of your email address will make a good User ID. If your email address were "", then "jsmith" would make a good User ID.

Ask user ID at startup -  Check this box if several different users use this computer.

OK -  Press this button to set the User ID and continue Dimension.

Cancel -  Press this button to close the User ID window without making any changes.