Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 1, 2011

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you news of a new release of eTakeoff and a description of upcoming enhancements to Pattern Search.  There are also usage tips on using the bird’s-eye window and creating and using layers.

Product News

eTakeoff Release 2.5.50

Release 2.5.50 contains a number of minor fixes and two big enhancements. The enhancement that all users (Basic, Pro, Pro-Plus and Premier) will notice is page descriptions. Many projects are being distributed as a single PDF file with multiple pages, one page per drawing. These files are often generated by CAD software that inserts drawing descriptions (PDF Bookmarks) for each page. eTakeoff now adds those page descriptions to the page number drop-down list and the Control Panel drawing list. So no more having to remember which page is which.

The other big enhancement is Project Control. Now you can store more information about projects, hide projects that aren’t used, automatically export projects after they’re changed and see all your projects in a list. Project Control isn’t available to Basic users.

Pattern Search Enhancements Planned

A number of enhancements are planned for the Pattern Search add-on. Click here to see what’s coming and give us feedback and new ideas.

Basic Viewer Tips

The Bird’s Eye Window Button

ViewBirdsEyeThe Bird’s Eye View Window shows a small view of the entire drawing. This option can be invoked by clicking on “View/Bird’s Eye Window” or clicking on the “Show/Hide Bird’s Eye Window” button. Read more…

Advanced Viewer Tips

Creating and Using Layers

Layers VideoLayers in eTakeoff work like layers in CAD drawings. Measurements and annotations can be assigned to layers. Then the layers can be turned on and off to show or hide the measurements and annotations assigned to the layer.

You can add, delete or change the standard layers.