Structural Steel Estimating Software & Takeoff Software

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For structural steel projects, there are many factors to consider before submitting your bid. Some of these factors include the number of plates, connectors, and accessories. In addition, it is also important to know the measurement of the beams, and the number as well as the types of beams, and number of man hours, among other things. Missing any of these crucial details can make your steel bid & estimation inaccurate. It is important to ensure that your steel project bid estimates are accurate before submission. That’s where eTakeoff’s structural steel estimating software comes into play!

With our steel estimating software, you are less likely to miss any essential details of your next steel project bids. Our steel takeoff software helps you accurately calculate the number of plates, accessories, and connectors for the job, the number of man hours, and any other measurements that may be pertinent to the bid. We can help you experience an exponential increase in your work productivity, cutting steel estimating time nearly in half! Your bid output and project win rate can increase and your chances of making errors that could negatively impact your bid will be drastically minimized.

Increased Time Savings with eTakeoff Steel Estimating & Takeoff Software

With eTakeoff’s steel estimating and takeoff software, our capabilities can help save up to 50% of your time spent on steel bids. Check out the full capabilities below:

  • Estimating Integration: With eTakeoff, you can extend your efficiencies even further by integrating your takeoff and estimating applications together. Our steel takeoff software integrates with leading estimating software like Steel Bid Wizard, Sage Estimating, and Trimble WinEst.
  • Auto Count Feature: Add up multiples of the same item quickly using our patented pattern search feature. With this steel takeoff software, once you select a symbol, eTakeoff with search the plans and automatically give you the item count, by symbol.
  • Make Connections & Get the Big Picture: Get the right count of various connections and specialty parts every time and gain a more complete understanding of the scope of the project that includes metrics like tons, total length, total beam count, and more.



Why Choose eTakeoff’s Steel Estimating Software?

  • Organize and group your steel by grade, details, and location on the project with the WBS filtering and code assignments in our steel takeoff software.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Our navigation bar was designed to look like any Microsoft office product; if you are familiar with Microsoft, you can easily grasp our software.
  • Other software products require that you convert your pdf documents into other formats such as TIFF. With our steel takeoff software, no document conversion is necessary; you can work straight out of your pdf documents.

Win more steel bids and save time with eTakoff. Get your FREE 15-day trial today and see what eTakeoff can do for your projects.


Structural Steel Add-on from CSP Construction Technology

All types of structural steel including HSS. Accurate weights without a Handbook of Steel sizes and weights. Decking included. Welded and/or bolted connections. Man hours per item. Excel workbook provided.

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Fabrication and Erection Add-on from Steel Estimating Solutions

The plugin for eTakeoff steel takeoff software works to perform a fabrication and erection takeoff at the same time. It generates two separate reports one for Fabrication and one for Erection.

The fabrication report can then be imported into fabrication software like Fabsuite, Fabtrol or Excel for your fabrication price and the erection report can be imported into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard for your erection price.

Very simple to use and covers all aspect of Steel Fabrication. Seeing is believing!

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