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Steel Takeoff Software

There are many factors to consider when taking off structural steel. Not only do you need to measure the lengths and count the number and types of beams, but you need to estimate the plates, connectors and accessories needed for the structural steel in a building. And after all of that, you may need to calculate the steel weight to prepare your bid for pricing. Compiling a good estimate is crucial for being the low bidder on the job. Take advantage of the benefits of using steel takeoff software. With eTakeoff Dimension’s extension tool, you can build your own assemblies that calculate the components of the structural steel as well as other factors like weight and connectors. eTakeoff’s steel takeoff software can also help you to organize and group your steel by their grade, details and location on the project with the WBS filtering and code assignments to your takeoff. Finally, our powerful Excel integration can transfer your quantities quickly and easily over to an Excel spreadsheet to price out your project from there. How many bids are you losing without having Dimension in your toolbox?

Structural Steel Add-on from CSP Construction Technology

All types of structural steel including HSS. Accurate weights without a Handbook of Steel sizes and weights. Decking included. Welded and/or bolted connections. Man hours per item. Excel workbook provided.

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Fabrication and Erection Add-on from Steel Estimating Solutions

The plugin for eTakeoff steel takeoff software works to perform a fabrication and erection takeoff at the same time. It generates two separate reports one for Fabrication and one for Erection.

The fabrication report can then be imported into fabrication software like Fabsuite, Fabtrol or Excel for your fabrication price and the erection report can be imported into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard for your erection price.

Very simple to use and covers all aspect of Steel Fabrication. Seeing is believing!

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