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Painting Takeoff & Estimating Software

Some factors that need to be taken into consideration before submitting a bid for a painting project are the dimensions of the project, types, and numbers of primers as well as finishes required, required coats of paint, and number of man hours, among other considerations. With competitors bidding on the same painting project, it is vital that you and your company ensure that the bid is accurate to maximize your chances of winning the bid. It is important to use all available measures and tools to ensure the accuracy of your painting bid.

With eTakeoff’s painting estimating & takeoff software, eTakeoff Dimension, you will no longer miss any essential details of your painting project bids. Our painting estimating & takeoff software helps you accurately calculate the dimensions of the painting surfaces, the number of coats, primers, and finishes needed, the number of man hours, and any other computations that may be relevant to your project. With eTakeoff Dimension, you can experience an exponential increase in your work productivity. In addition, with our painting takeoff software, your bid outputs and project win rates are bound to increase, and your chances of making errors that could negatively impact your bid will decrease.




Why Choose eTakeoff’s Painting Estimating Software?

  • Our intuitive and easy to navigate user interface makes the learning curve small. With our navigation bar mimicking Microsoft Office applications, our painting takeoff software is easy to learn, navigate, and master.
  • Our “Favorites” feature allows you to drag and drop from one floor to another without taking off duplicate areas.
  • Other software requires that you convert PDF documents into other formats such as TIFF. With our painting takeoff software, work straight out of your PDF documents without converting documents.

To get started with our painting estimating software, download our FREE 15 day trial and win more bids!


Ken Pitts, Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors, Anaheim CA

“eTakeoff has great support. I sent them an email asking them how to download plans from McGraw-Hill Construction into the new eTakeoff Viewer. They quickly sent me back a response with instructions. eTakeoff, you guys are my heros. One button and, “Bam” there they were. Great job and thanks for the immediate response. ‘All Hail eTakeoff Support’.”

Ken Pitts
Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors, Anaheim California