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Painting Takeoff Software

With eTakeoff Dimension, quickly measure your paint areas with the ability to cut out doors, windows or unwanted areas easily. Receive an accurate painting estimate that lists out all of the materials needed for the job by leveraging our painting takeoff software.

From conceptual to detailed, our painting takeoff software will help you account for primer and finishes as well as required coats and wall sides to paint. Using the Favorites feature, you can easily drag and drop measurements from one floor to another without having to take off duplicate areas. Receiving an accurate painting estimate has never been this easy, all thanks to the painting takeoff software!


Ken Pitts, Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors, Anaheim CA

“eTakeoff has great support. I sent them an email asking them how to download plans from McGraw-Hill Construction into the new eTakeoff Viewer. They quickly sent me back a response with instructions. eTakeoff, you guys are my heros. One button and, “Bam” there they were. Great job and thanks for the immediate response. ‘All Hail eTakeoff Support’.”

Ken Pitts
Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors, Anaheim California