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BIM Basics for Estimators

Not exactly sure what BIM can do for you? Our business partner Sage has released a new e-book describing the fundamentals of building information modeling from an estimator's perspective. Get e-book

Estimating and takeoff head list of most requested software capabilities

Today’s construction software buyers want to speed up processes, improve tracking, and increase accuracy. A Software Advice report shows estimating and takeoff are the top software capabilities requested to meet those needs. View report

Takeoff – from ancient to modern times

The takeoff process is possibly as old as the pyramids themselves. Take this investigative journey through the evolution of takeoff. View Evolution

Top things to look for in electronic takeoff software

What should you keep in mind when selecting electronic takeoff software? This tip sheet lists the top benefits to expect from today’s takeoff technology. View Tip Sheet

What’s happening with 5D BIM

Model-based cost estimating (5D BIM) is the next frontier for advancing estimating efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. Learn where 5D BIM technology is heading, including the latest articles on the topic. Visit BIM Integration