Square Talk: Four Reasons Roofing Contractors Should Be Using Roofing Takeoff Software

Ninety percent of roofing contractors underestimate their bids. Let that figure sink in for a moment. While that statistic is a few years old, there’s every indication that it still holds true. A more recent survey conducted by Intuit found that only around 60% of contractors have confidence in their estimates. And one-third say they usually come away with less profit than estimated.

Clearly there’s a common disconnect between the estimate and the reality of the project. So, what can roofing contractors do to produce accurate estimates that lead to profitable projects? A precise bid starts with an accurate takeoff. And an accurate takeoff starts with roofing takeoff software.

  1. Accounting for the slope, ridge, hips and valleys
    Accurate roofing estimates require much more than a two-dimensional measurement. Factoring in the slope and accounting for the hips and valleys is necessary to get an accurate project scope. That’s where roofing takeoff and estimating software proves its value. Roofing takeoff applications allow you to enter the slope and denote hips and valleys. Built-in calculations then return an accurate square foot — and square — measurement you can rely on.
  2. Assemblies ensure nothing is missed
    Sheeting, underlayment, roofing material, fasteners, drip edges, vent caps — the list goes on. Roof installation includes many different parts. A good roofing takeoff and estimating software will allow you to create and maintain assemblies — lists of parts needed to build the roof. Using an assembly, you can quickly quantify all the components of a roofing project based on a single measurement — square footage.
  3. No compromise — accuracy and speed
    It’s the classic balance every estimator faces: do it right or do it quickly. Naturally, we strive for both, but when projects back up, we often sacrifice accuracy for speed. Conversely, if we’re not generating estimates quickly enough, our win rate slips. Roofing takeoff and estimating software can remove the need to compromise between accuracy and speed. By performing even complex calculations quickly and accurately, you can produce reliable estimates on pace. For example, eTakeoff Dimension uses SnapAI, an Artificial Intelligence feature that can cut takeoff time by 50% — while improving the accuracy of the estimates.
  4. A picture is worth…more than it needs to be
    Aerial measurement tools are gaining popularity among roofing contractors. These tools allow you to enter an address and then the application returns a project scope. However, most of these applications are expensive and limited and potentially inaccurate in the information they deliver. eTakeoff Dimension leverages Google Earth Pro, a free tool. Enter the address, save the image to your computer, and begin takeoff. The functionality is built into the application — there’s nothing more to pay for.

Don’t leave profit in the gutter

Faster and more accurate roofing project estimates are the underlying and overarching benefits of using roofing takeoff software. eTakeoff Dimension is a cost-effective roofing takeoff application with proven industry results. We invite you to start a 15-day free trial to explore how the solution can work for you.