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Preparing an estimate for a roofing project can be challenging when done manually; it is easy to make and overlook errors when calculating your measurements. Other calculations that may be wrong when done manually are the amount of materials needed for the roofing project such as Sheathing, Underlayment, Flashing, and Nails. When bidding a roofing project against other competitors, these errors can make or break winning the bid. Therefore, it is important to take whatever measures that are necessary to reduce the errors in your roofing project bid and increase the likelihood of its acceptance.

With eTakeoff’s roofing estimating software, you can rest assured that you will no longer miss any essential details of your roofing project bids. Our takeoff software helps you accurately take the necessary roof measurements, quantify the materials needed for your project, the number of man hours, and any other calculations that may be relevant. Our roofing estimating and takeoff software helps you increase your work productivity by over 15 times. In addition, with our roofing takeoff software, your bid output and project win rate are likely to increase and your chances of making errors that could negatively impact your bid are reduced.




Why Should You Use Roofing Estimating Software?

Did you know that close to 90% of roofing contractors underestimate their bids? With an accurate roofing estimating and takeoff software in your corner, you can get more accurate bids and have more confidence in your estimates. Here are 4 reasons why you should get a roofing estimating software.

  1. Account for slope, hips, ridge, and valleys more accurately
    To get more accurate measurements and estimates, your software requires much more than a two-dimensional measurement. Roofing estimating and takeoff software like eTakeoff Dimension can help make estimates much more accurate, increasing project win rates.
  2. Assemblies ensure that nothing is missing
    A good roofing estimating and takeoff software allows you to create and maintain assemblies. Using an assembly will make it easier to quickly quantify all the components of a roofing project based on one single measurement: square footage.
  3. Accuracy and speed
    With a quality roofing estimating software like eTakeoff Dimension, you don’t have to compromise on speed or accuracy. You can decrease the time estimates take, while ensuring that the measurements and calculations of the takeoff are accurate, limiting possibly inaccurate information. Produce more reliable estimates more consistently, without sacrificing accuracy or time.
  4. Aerial measurement tools
    Aerial measurement tools are gaining popularity amongst roofing contractors and their roofing estimating and takeoff software needs to adapt to that. These tools allow you to enter a physical address and then the application will give you a project scope. These tools on their own can be expensive and are often limited. Our roofing estimating software, eTakeoff Dimension, leverages Google Earth Pro all in the application so there isn’t a need for another license to remember and another bill to pay.

Why Choose eTakeoff’s Roofing Estimating Software?

  • Our user interface is easy to navigate and very intuitive. The navigation bar was designed with the user in mind, mimicking any Microsoft office product for ease of use, with less of a learning curve, so you can get to bidding more quickly.
  • Other roofing estimating software products require that you convert your pdf documents into other formats such as TIFF. With our eTakeoff, no document conversion is necessary; you can work straight out of your pdf documents.
  • Automatically generate a sorted and totaled list of your materials for easy integration into Microsoft Excel.

At eTakeoff, we are ready to work with you to ensure that your next roofing bid is successful. Download our FREE trial today and see what eTakeoff can do for you.


Manny Alvarez, A-1 Property Services, Inc., Miami FL

Your roofing takeoff software kicks butt! I love it! It is so intuitive and elegant (best word to describe it). I love the dude (or lady) who created it! Awesome! It really appeals to my sense of economy and reason. Your prompt response and concern, though impressive and outstanding, doesn’t surprise me now that I see how this thing works. I will no doubt be in touch to work out the function details – but my immediate impression is: ‘blown away!’”

Manny Alvarez
A-1 Property Services, Inc., Miami Florida

Brent Goren, Barrett Roofing, Danbury CN

eTakeoff is an incredibly powerful and versatile piece of roofing takeoff software. I am an estimator for Barrett Roofing, a Union roofing contractor in the tri-state area and eTakeoff has made me more efficient with my time, more effective with my efforts, and more competitive with my bids. I started using the software in August of 2012 and have since noticed a dramatic increase in both my productivity and my profitability / conversion rate. In only four months we doubled our previous bid-output and decreased our margins of error below 2%. We didn’t add a new estimator. We didn’t start working sixteen-hour days. We started using eTakeoff’s roofing takeoff sowftware and embraced an era of change.


eTakeoff helped me hone in on pin-point precision for my bottom line so I can win jobs. Period. We have all been faced with the choice of “quality” or “quantity.” This roofing takeoff software doesn’t force you to choose — it enables you to take a set of plans and turn it into your trade-specific dollars and cents in a fraction of the time it would normally take. eTakeoff puts the roof estimating tools you need right at your fingertips — accessible with just a click of a mouse button. eTakeoff is vastly superior to other programs.

The key to winning bids in this economy is competitive pricing that is both accurate and aggressive. eTakeoff affords you all the customization of your own personal “in-house” roofing takeoff software without the trappings of a clunky interface and poorly implemented back-of-house functionality.

Setting up the Quantity Worksheet, the Excel Spreadsheet integration, and your “bread ‘n butter” traces can take a little time but it is worth it; the more you learn about the program the easier it will be to put together your estimates. If you’re a novice-user I recommend watching the online videos and taking the web tutorials right on the eTakeoff website or opting for the Customer Support subscription.

The most phenomenal aspect of my experience with the eTakeoff roofing takeoff software has been my interaction with the team. Their website, forums, and phone-support are friendly, helpful, and very accommodating. They know that we rely on their software to bring home the bacon and I always feel like a valued customer. I have participated in many a discussion both via phone call and the forums regarding changes to the software, new features, and implementation. The eTakeoff team keeps an open dialogue and encourages feedback so they can keep the software updated to the ever-changing needs of their clients.

Brent Goren
Barrett Roofing, Danbury Connecticut


Calculate and lays out joists

Joist extensions in eTakeoff’s roofing takeoff software offer special powerful features. The area to be covered is digitized. The joist spacing and joist width are entered. The length rounding is selected from a list. A pitch can be specified for sloped joists such as roofs. You can then:

  • Rotate the joist orientation to any angle
  • Move the starting point for the first joist
  • Remove or insert individual joists
  • Double up individual joists

The joist layout is visually displayed. You can also get a count of the different lengths needed and copy it to the clipboard.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Roofing Estimating Software

Calculate hip / valley lengths

A simple extension calculate hip/valley length. The hip or valley is digitized. The run is entered (it defaults to 12). Then the rise is entered for each side. If the second rise is the same as the first it doesn’t need to be entered.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Calculate roof area from digitized area, run and rise

A simple extension use run and rise inputs and the digitized area to calculate the total roof area for streamlined roof estimating. The run defaults to 12.00.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Case Studies

Case Study with Barret Roofing

Barrett Roofing is a roofing subcontractor in Danbury Connecticut. They provide roofing services in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York State and New Jersey. In addition to roofing they install architectural sheet metal and do other specialty work. Most of their work is commercial, industrial or institutional with projects ranging from thousands of dollars to millions. Click below to read an interview with one of their estimators Brent Goren and learn about how eTakeoff’s roofing takeoff software has helped improve their workflow..