BIM takeoff is up and coming, but 2D still plays a leading role

Some construction industry watchers have been predicting the demise of 2D takeoff since BIM modeling hit the scene some 35 years ago. The reality is that 2D takeoff is not going anywhere soon. Estimators need rapid, reliable access to accurate data, whether that comes from 2D digital drawings, 3D models, or a combination of both. […]

Estimating Trends to Watch in 2021

In this 2017 article, authored by Walt Davis of Sage, Walt spoke with Nick Papadopolous, CEO of estimating and benchmarking technology consultant for Eos Group, to discuss construction estimating trends to watch. It got us thinking about what has and hasn’t changed over the past four years. So, we caught up with Nick to ask […]

Ready for takeoff

What’s the current state of estimating takeoff tools and when will they get better? The accuracy of takeoffs depends largely on the estimator’s experience reading drawings and on the tools he or she relies on. While new technologies are transforming many areas of the construction cycle, 2D takeoff tools haven’t seen much innovation in years. […]

5 Trends in the Construction Industry That Make Electronic Takeoff Software a Necessity

The construction estimating takeoff process went largely unchanged for decades. Until relatively recently, takeoff was entirely manual process where estimators would examine physical drawings or blueprints and painstakingly create lists of materials. Digital, or electronic takeoff capabilities began entering the scene in the late 2000s, providing estimators with a much better way to visualize the […]

Does technology hold the key to construction industry labor shortage?

Technology tools can help attract, retain, and engage a construction workforce The construction industry is facing one of the most significant labor shortages it has ever experienced. The shortage involves workers in virtually every construction role — from field to office to the upper levels of management. The fact that about 41% of the US […]

Will takeoff technology take off?

A look at the construction technologies impacting electronic takeoff software While everyone in the construction industry works hard, the industry has a reputation for being something of a slacker when it comes to adopting technology. For construction companies, producing takeoffs efficientlyand accurately is essential to speeding the estimating process, winning more bids and staying competitive. […]

Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 2, 2013

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you information on recent enhancements including the Ribbon Bar.  It also offers tips on renaming drawings and the Quick Access Toolbar. Recent Enhancements Ribbon Bar Version 3.3 includes an OPTIONAL Ribbon Bar. The ribbon bar offers a user-friendly alternative to the traditional multiple toolbars. New users typically prefer […]

Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 1, 2013

In this issue of the newsletter we bring you information in the new enhancement Control Panel Favorites.  There are also tips on starting a new measurement from the control panel and organizing the measurement list. Recent Enhancements Control Panel Favorites On the eTakeoff Enhancements Forum we’ve had requests for the following features: Quickly copy and […]

Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 3, 2012

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you a case study with Barrett Roofing plus information on release 3.2 of eTakeoff.  There are also usage tip on the control panel for Basic users and using drawing comparison. Case Study Barrett Roofing Barrett Roofing is a roofing subcontractor in Danbury Connecticut. They provide roofing services in […]

Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 2, 2012

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you a case study with Construction Specialties, Inc. plus news on a current and upcoming releases of eTakeoff. There are also usage tips on moving projects and using the Project List window. Case Study Construction Specialties, Inc. Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties, Inc. is an enormous organization with sales offices and […]