Hot Off The Press: SnapAI Named a Hot Product by Construction Executive Magazine

“One of the best designed construction takeoff UIs on the market.” eTakeoff is proud to announce that Construction Executive Magazine has included SnapAI in their list of Hot Products for 2021. Construction Executive Hot Product Awards recognize products that play a transformative role in the construction industry. eTakeoff solutions received previous Hot Product awards in […]

Square Talk: Four Reasons Roofing Contractors Should Be Using Roofing Takeoff Software

Ninety percent of roofing contractors underestimate their bids. Let that figure sink in for a moment. While that statistic is a few years old, there’s every indication that it still holds true. A more recent survey conducted by Intuit found that only around 60% of contractors have confidence in their estimates. And one-third say they […]

Trust the Numbers: Pattern/Symbol Search and Auto Count

Humans are hard-wired to look for patterns. Recognizing patterns allows us to predict and expect what’s coming. Pattern recognition is efficient — it speeds decision making, and that’s what makes it so valuable to estimators. Pattern search, Symbol search or auto count as it’s also called, is one of the 10 features to look for […]

Assemblies Deliver Quantified Results

Earlier, we highlighted the 10 features that matter most in a digital takeoff solution, with a promise to circle back to take a closer look into several of them. Construction assemblies should be one of the essential features in an electronic takeoff application, especially if you use a spreadsheet as your cost estimating tool, yet […]

The 10 Features to Look for in a Digital Takeoff Solution

Electronic or digital takeoff applications have become indispensable tools for the estimators that depend on them. Electronic takeoff is at least 50% quicker than manual takeoffs in our tests. Estimators that incorporate electronic takeoff applications into their estimating process can get more done in less time with fewer mistakes. Not all takeoff applications are created […]

Rising Construction Costs — What Contractors Are Doing to Survive

Bought a two-by-four lately? How about a sheet of plywood? Since the start of the pandemic, lumber prices are up 280%, hitting an all-time high in early May. With futures for 2x4s jumping from $63 to $1,481 per thousand board feet, we are likely to see new pricing records set as spring turns into summer. […]

The Evolution of Takeoff

Where we’ve been and where we’re going Humans have been building things for nearly as long as there have been humans. And undoubtedly, when we started building, we started estimating what materials we’d need — writing them down in some way and adding them up. Here we take a quick walk through the evolution of […]

BIM takeoff is up and coming, but 2D still plays a leading role

Some construction industry watchers have been predicting the demise of 2D takeoff since BIM modeling hit the scene some 35 years ago. The reality is that 2D takeoff is not going anywhere soon. Estimators need rapid, reliable access to accurate data, whether that comes from 2D digital drawings, 3D models, or a combination of both. […]

Estimating Trends to Watch in 2021

In this 2017 article, authored by Walt Davis of Sage, Walt spoke with Nick Papadopolous, CEO of estimating and benchmarking technology consultant for Eos Group, to discuss construction estimating trends to watch. It got us thinking about what has and hasn’t changed over the past four years. So, we caught up with Nick to ask […]

Ready for takeoff

What’s the current state of estimating takeoff tools and when will they get better? The accuracy of takeoffs depends largely on the estimator’s experience reading drawings and on the tools he or she relies on. While new technologies are transforming many areas of the construction cycle, 2D takeoff tools haven’t seen much innovation in years. […]