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Concrete estimating software and takeoff software from eTakeoff. There is a lot of work involved in preparing a bid for a concrete project; especially if the case is done manually using paper drawings. When doing this process manually, obtaining accurate measurements for any concrete project can become a long and drawn-out process. Additionally, manual computations of the relevant measurements can increase the likelihood of making errors that can result in your concrete project bid being inaccurate if these errors are not recognized before the bid is submitted. Having inaccuracies in your project specifications has the potential to reduce your chances of winning your next concrete bid; if there are other competing bids, inaccuracies in your project bids can enhance their chances of winning the project.

As such, it is important to take whatever measures that may be necessary to ensure the accuracy of your project bid and enhance your chances of winning.

With eTakeoff’s concrete estimating software, increase the levels of accuracy for your next concrete project. Using our concrete estimating and takeoff software, calculating the number of project man-hours, as well as the quantity of supplies such as rebar, mesh, and post-tension cables, among others, needed for the project, becomes an easy task. By using our concrete estimating software, see increases in your work productivity by up to 15 times. Additionally, our takeoff software significantly increases your project win rate and boosts your bid output. There are several benefits of using our concrete estimating software for your next project and bid rather than other available software.

Why Choose eTakeoff’s Concrete Estimating Software?

  • Computation of cubic yards for concrete and sand, and length and weight of rebar by size is easy and automatic.
  • Our software has practically unlimited prebuilt formulas for any calculations that may be needed.
  • eTakeoff integrates easily with the popular Sage estimating system so that data transfer is an automated and accurate process.

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Testimonial from Michael Seay, Seacon Construction

“I believe in investing in technology that allows our people to be better and more efficient at their jobs. We were manually keying our takeoff quantities into Sage Estimating. There was always the opportunity for error, and it added a lot of time to the estimating process. When I heard about eTakeoff Dimension and eTakeoff Bridge, I was immediately intrigued.”


“eTakeoff Bridge is the missing piece that automates and streamlines the entire estimating cycle, from start to finish. I created and refined all of our assemblies in Sage Estimating to bring consistency and accuracy to the process. And those assemblies are now available to us during takeoff. It makes the process much more seamless and efficient. Consistent, accurate, and reliable estimates are the lifeblood of any successful contractor. Using tools that ensure that consistency and accuracy—and also bring a rapid return on investment—just makes smart business sense.”

Michael Seay
Seacon Construction

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Testimonial from Gary Brady, Concrete Solutions Plus, Inc., Watkins CO

“eTakeoff has SUPERIOR customer support! They are friendly, knowledgeable and understand the construction industry.”

Gary Brady
Concrete Solutions Plus, Inc., Watkins Colorado

Testimonial from Randall Miller, Due South Concrete, Inc. Canton GA

“I’ve never seen a software package be combed so thoroughly and OFTEN based on customer input. I look forward to these e-mail update notices because I know my job just became faster/better/easier.”

Randall Miller
Due South Concrete, Inc. Canton Georgia

Case Study
Concrete Takeoff Software

Case Study with Kent Companies of Texas

Kent Companies is the 19th largest commercial concrete contractor in the U.S. Their Dallas location serves Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico. They’ve been using eTakeoff for about 3 years. Click below to read an interview with their senior estimator, Dan Hoppe.


Concrete Estimating Software

Measurement cut-outs make it easy to exclude parts of a concrete slab

Measurement cutouts allow you to subtract a smaller area from within a larger area. This is useful when a concrete slab is poured around columns or other excluded areas.

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A simple eTakeoff extension allows quick takeoff of cubic yards of concrete for a slab. The area is digitized. Irregular shapes and cutouts are easily handled. The slab depth in inches is entered manually. The cubic yards of concrete are calculated from the area and the depth.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Add Ons
This set of tools from CSP Construction Technology is suitable for Concrete Contractors who may or may not do their own rebar takeoffs and for rebar suppliers wishing to do accurate rebar takeoffs without having to detail a job to get the quantities. Automatic transfer to a provided Excel Workbook.

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