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Framing & Drywall Takeoff Software

Making sure you have enough framing construction material is key in the bidding process. Getting accurate quantities for Framing and drywall requires hours of hand calculations when using paper drawings. With eTakeoff’s framing and drywall takeoff software you can perform simple length measurements and eTakeoff will calculate Track, Studs, Insulation, Drywall, Screws, Mud and anything else you want. You can pre-define all of your wall types so each project is as easy as choosing the wall type and measuring the length. Your entire takeoff is tracked for you with totals and subtotals by material type. eTakeoff has powerful Excel integration.

This specific type of software for the industry is designed to make hard and tedious calculations for the user incredibly easy. You do not have to do any of the heavy lifting of finding solutions from antiquated pen and paper methods. The eTakeoff framing and drywall takeoff software does the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is plug in the measurements and let this software do its job so you can get back to doing yours. It is a win-win for everyone in terms of saving time and resources that can be used in effective areas like framing construction and drywall implementation.

Case Studies
Framing Takeoff Software

Case Study with Bejarano Construction Services

Bejarano Construction Services is an interior build-out subcontractor in Texas. They specialize in metal framing, drywall and finishing, focusing on commercial and government projects from 20,000 to 100,000 square feet. In the case study, Shaffer explains how switching from paper plans and yellow pads to the eTakeoff software was a great decision due to the system’s superior value and ease of use. eTakeoff has doubled Shaffer’s productivity as well as improved his accuracy, and it can do the same for anyone willing to make the switch. Click below to read an interview with their senior estimator, Gerald Shaffer, and learn how eTakeoff’s framing & drywall takeoff software helped in their scenario.


Drywall Takeoff Software

Extension calculates and lays out joists

Joist extensions offer special powerful features. The area to be covered is digitized. The joist spacing and joist width are entered. The length rounding is selected from a list. A pitch can be specified for sloped joists such as roofs. You can then:

  • Rotate the joist orientation to any angle
  • Move the starting point for the first joist
  • Remove or insert individual joists
  • Double up individual joists

As a perfect framing and drywall takeoff software extension, the joist layout is visually displayed. You can also get a count of the different lengths needed and copy it to the clipboard.
Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Framing & Drywall Takeoff Software

Extension calculate framing and drywall from one measurement

A simple extension calculates the track distance, stud count and drywall sheet count from a single measurement. The wall is digitized in a plan view. The wall height, stud spacing and drywall sides are entered. The drywall sheet size is selected from a list. With this framing & drywall takeoff software extension, track distance, stud count, drywall square feet and drywall sheet count are calculated.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Add Ons

Metal Stud and Drywall Add-ons from Construction Technology

CSP Construction Technology offers three different systems built in three different eTakeoff Dimension environments to meet your requirements for Structural and Non-Structural Metal Stud and Drywall takeoffs.

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