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Plumbing Takeoff Software

How much time will it take you to calculate the many plumbing fixtures and pipe you need for your next project by hand? From residential to commercial projects, Dimension can help you estimate every piece of plumbing material you need from the faucet to the piping and anywhere in between in a fraction of the time it takes you now. With Dimension’s extension tool, you can build your own assemblies that calculate the elbows, tees and couplers at the same time you measure the pipe. The process is accelerated with the Pattern Search tool which is used to find multiple occurrences of symbols like sinks, drains and toilets that need to be counted with speed and accuracy.


Pattern Search quickly finds fixtures and other devices

Pattern search allows you to quickly find fixtures and other devices that are marked on the drawing with symbols. You pick one of the symbols then select the drawings and areas you want to search. The results are quickly reviewed in a grid. You can even refine the search based on smaller symbols in or near the original pattern.

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