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Plumbing Estimating and Takeoff Software

There are many things to take into consideration when bidding on your next plumbing project. The types, as well as the quantity of materials needed, the amount of time to complete the project, and the total man-hours are some of the considerations that must be made before submitting your bid. With competition also bidding for the same project, it is important to have all the necessary details for your bid; failing to do so can reduce the chances of winning the project.

With eTakeoff’s plumbing estimating software, you no longer have to worry about missing any essential details on your plumbing bids. Our estimating and takeoff software helps you accurately quantify the supplies needed for your project, project duration, and any other considerations to be made to accurately bid the project; all done more easily and qucikly than other plumbing estimating software. When you use our takeoff software, you can increase you and your team’s work productivity by over 15 TIMES. In addition, our plumbing estimating software helps increase your bid output, project win rate, as well as decreases your chances of making human made errors that could negatively impact your bid.




Why Choose eTakeoff’s Plumbing Estimating Software?

  • The user interface is incredibly intuitive and one of the easiest to navigate. eTakeoff’s navigation was designed to mimic any Microsoft office product; if you are familiar with these tools, navigating eTakeoff will be easier than any other software.
  • Other plumbing estimating software requires conversion of PDF documents into other formats, like TIFF. With our plumbing estimating software, no document conversion is necessary; work directly out of your PDF documents with ease.
  • If you have multiple items that are similar such as drains, pipe, elbows, and tees on your plan, our intuitive Pattern Search can automatically count and tally the quantities so you no longer have to do so manually.

At eTakeoff, we are ready to work with you to ensure that your next plumbing bid is successful. Get started today with a FREE 15 day trial of our plumbing estimating and takeoff software.


Plumbing Takeoff Software

Pattern Search quickly finds fixtures and other devices

Pattern search allows you to quickly find fixtures and other devices that are marked on the drawing with symbols. You pick one of the symbols then select the drawings and areas you want to search. The results are quickly reviewed in a grid. You can even refine the search based on smaller symbols in or near the original pattern.

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