Navisworks Integrator

As an estimator, you shouldn’t have to know the ins and outs of BIM design software to create production estimates from 3D models. Navisworks Integrator is an add-on to eTakeoff Bridge that puts model information into your hands. The integrator plugs Autodesk Navisworks Manage or Simulate into Bridge, so you can drag and drop objects and dimensional information directly into Sage Estimating.
With Navisworks Integrator and Bridge, you’re always in control. Fully automate the transfer of 3D takeoff details, or do some things manually. It’s your choice.

Visual takeoff
Models give you a better view—and understanding—of your project. Navisworks Integrator works with Bridge so you can take full advantage of this visual perspective. Hide all objects that have already been sent to the estimate, and the model will show you exactly what still needs to be taken off. Bridge will even automatically find changes between existing and revised models for quick turnaround of estimate modifications.

Missing model information
Flashing. Door hardware. Floor and wall finishes. Chances are those and some other items won’t be in a model. Not a problem. That’s because the Navisworks Integrator links to Bridge, which also integrates with our 2D Dimension takeoff tools. You can easily flip between 3D and 2D takeoff while feeding the same cost estimate. And, as an extra bonus, you only have to learn one interface.

Takeoff trail
Think of it as electronic breadcrumbs. Select any item or assembly in the estimate and you can trace back to the originating object in Navisworks. If the estimate component came from 2D drawings, you can trace back to those documents as well.

A best-in-class approach
Why use software you’re not familiar with just to do model-based estimating? We worked with industry leaders Autodesk and Sage to develop Navisworks Integrator so you can continue to use the tools you’re most comfortable with.

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“Estimators have come to a point where they want to better visualize their takeoff in 3D while using a familiar, trusted tool to do their quantity takeoff more quickly.  With eTakeoff’s Navisworks Integrator, they can do both.”

Kevin Miller, a user of the product and Construction Management Professor,
Brigham Young University.