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Given the complexity of electrical circuitry, preparing a bid for an electrical project is typically a time-intensive and manual process. With thousands of devices that may be part of an electrical circuit such as outlets, dimmers, switches, and receptacles, the likelihood of errors in counting or device placement is high. With competitors interested in the same project, it is imperative that your bid is as accurate as possible to enhance your chances of winning. Therefore, you should use whatever tools are necessary to reduce the likelihood of errors in your bid. Enter eTakeoff’s electrical estimating software and takeoff software.

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With eTakeoff’s electrical estimating software, get the assurance of accuracy in every electrical project bid you do. No longer miss significant electrical project details. Our electrical estimating software helps you quantify the number of man hours necessary, the type and number of electrical devices needed, as well as any relevant computations. Using eTakeoff Dimension for your bids and projects, work productivity can increase by over 15 times.

Ultimately, our electrical estimating software and takeoff software can help increase your bid output as well as project win rate as a result of the increased speed and accuracy in developing your bids. Compared to other software, eTakeoff dimension offers several advantages.

Discover the Benefits of Electrical Takeoff and Estimating Software by eTakeoff

Accurate estimates are essential for successful electrical projects. That’s why electrical takeoff software is a vital tool in creating precise estimates for your bids. Let’s explore some reasons why our electrical takeoff software and estimating software is the conduit to accurate estimates.

1. Assemblies ensure nothing is missed

Electrical work involves numerous components, making it easy to overlook smaller items. With eTakeoff’s electrical takeoff and estimating software, you can create and maintain assemblies. These assemblies are material lists that detail the parts needed for various installations, such as receptacles, switches, panels, dryers, and smoke detectors. By using assemblies, you not only save time but also minimize the risk of missing any crucial components during the electrical takeoff process, resulting in a more accurate estimate.

2. Branch wiring requires accuracy

Branch wiring, which includes conduits and wires under one inch, often accounts for a significant portion (60% to 80%) of an estimate. The accuracy of this element can make a substantial difference in the profitability of a bid. While many estimators rely on averages for branch wiring estimates, eTakeoff’s electrical takeoff software allows you to perform complex calculations quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for averages and enabling you to base your estimates on actual data.

3. Counting is made efficient

Traditionally, counting items like switches and smoke detectors was a tedious process. However, with the help of eTakeoff’s electrical takeoff software, this drudgery is eliminated. The software incorporates pattern search and auto count technology, which can automatically count items based on specified patterns. By simply showing the software the pattern you want to count, it does the rest. While pattern searches and auto counts may vary across different applications, eTakeoff offers efficient functionality that minimizes the need for extensive quality control.

4. Early identification of long lead times

The availability of specific items can significantly impact project schedules and profitability. Considering current supply chain disruptions, it’s crucial for electrical contractors to accurately identify long-lead time items during the initial takeoff process. eTakeoff’s electrical estimating and takeoff software allows for early identification, enabling contractors to place orders promptly and keep the project moving along smoothly.

Investing in eTakeoff’s electrical takeoff and estimating software provides electrical contractors with the foundation for accurate estimates. With features such as assemblies, precise branch wiring calculations, efficient counting capabilities, and early identification of long lead times, you can streamline your estimating process and increase your chances of success in the competitive electrical industry.

Why Choose eTakeoff’s Electrical Estimating Software?

  • The navigation bar is designed to look and feel like the Microsoft Office ribbon; this makes it easy for our users to easily learn and use our program.
  • Our software integrates with the popular Sage estimating system so that you can easily generate your estimates.
  • Multiple estimators can use the software at any time to make any necessary edits or modifications.
  • With our software, you can easily integrate your work into Microsoft Excel templates so that you do not have to do so manually.
  • Unlike other products, document conversion from pdf to TIFF is not needed with our software; you can use your pdf documents to do your work.

Ready to see how eTakeoff electrical estimating software and takeoff software can help you win MORE projects? Download our FREE 15-day trial today and test out our full electrical takeoff capabilities.

Electrical Takeoff Software

Communications-Fire Alarm Sample Project

This sample project shows how the features of eTakeoff Dimension, using the electrical takeoff & estimating capabilities, can be used to quickly take off a fire alarm project. It demonstrates extensive use of Pattern Search including basic search, refined search and multi-page search.

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Electrical Estimating Software

Communications-Security Sample Project

This sample project shows how the electrical takeoff features of eTakeoff Dimension can be used to quickly take off a security project. It demonstrates extensive use of Pattern Search including basic search, refined search and multi-page search.

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Pattern Search quickly finds fixtures and other devices

Pattern search allows you to quickly find fixtures and other devices that are marked on the drawing with symbols. You pick one of the symbols then select the drawings and areas you want to search. The results are quickly reviewed in a grid. You can even refine the search based on smaller symbols in or near the original pattern.

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Extension supports conduit runs with multiple wires and drops

A simple extension allows entry of the number of wires, the number of drops and the drop length. The total wire length is the digitized length plus the total drop length all multiplied by the number of wires.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Extension allows wire runs with individual riser lengths

For wire runs with differing drop lengths, the Riser extension can be used. This allows you to enter the drop length for each point. The lengths are displayed on the drawing. The variable LenWithRisers gives the total of the digitized length plus the riser lengths.

Click here for an overview of how extensions work


Testimonial from Ken Gordon, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc., Illinois

“I’m quite impressed with how well your Pattern Search works – it’s been great at finding symbols buried under other symbols / lines / junk, faster than I can on a full-size drawing with a magnifying glass”

Ken Gordon
Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc., Illinois