Landscape Estimating Software & Takeoff Software

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Landscape takeoffs and estimation require special tools to allow for multiple curves, volume of materials and multiple quantities associated with one count or measure. All those sidewalks and fancy planting beds are almost impossible to quantify accurately when done on paper. eTakeoff’s landscape estimating software can help with the “Arc” tool. Just click 3 points along any curve and click a shortcut key to have the estimating software automatically create the curve for you. It will even display the Radius and let you change it manually.

SqFt landscape estimating and takeoffs done on paper are just simply awful. Time consuming triangle or rectangle measurements are not effective anymore. And just squaring off the area is not accurate enough in today’s tight economy. eTakeoff’s landscape estimating software makes it simple to click around your area to automatically calculate SqFt as you click. Then enter the depth to get Cubic Yard or Tonnage results. Wouldn’t it be nice to count a tree and have the program figure out how many stakes, how much wire and root stimulator you need? eTakeoff’s landscape estimating software can do it all. eTakeoff can even automatically find and count all those trees so you don’t have to search for them manually yourself. eTakeoff is the tool of choice for landscape takeoffs and estimations. You can take all your quantities and move them right into your estimating program. eTakeoff integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Excel as well as many other commercial estimating programs.





Landscape Takeoff Software

Easily calculates mulch or gravel volume

A simple landscape takeoff software extension can be used to calculate the volume of rock, mulch or other ground cover for irregular shaped areas. You can digitize the perimeter using individual points and/or by quickly generating arcs. Then input the material depth and the cubic yards of material is calculated. The enclosed area is also available if needed.

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Carl Montegna, Mitch’s Green Thumb Landscaping, Denver, CO

“I don’t care how good you are with paper takeoffs, this is much better. Our accuracy has increased; I am not going back to paper.”

Carl Montegna
Mitch’s Green Thumb Landscaping, Denver