Product Review – Excellence in Stone

I am the estimator for Excellence in Stone, Inc. Our company fabricates and installs Tile, Stone, Terracotta, and Solid Surfaces in South Florida. We specialize in high end residential and commercial projects up to $ 7 million dollars. With this much money at stake we needed an estimating software that would allow me to service our diverse and very demanding customers. Before purchasing eTakeoff 4 years ago, I researched most of the estimating software suppliers and decided on eTakeoff because of their accuracy, support system, and flexibility in customizing the program to our unique use.

Because our jobs are so intricate, often including up to 50 different materials on a single job. We cover so many different types of installation ranging from mosaics to cladding large Stone Slabs on walls and ceilings; so I needed a software that would allow me to tailor each unique project to calculate an ever-changing type of data.

As soon as I tried eTakeoff I realized that this was the software for us. It was easy to use (I have never needed formal training, since their menus are self explanatory) and their built in features that allow you to write custom subroutines are so flexible that I fell in love with the product after a week into the trial.

The implementation was a snap, i was up and running immediately, but it is their support team that I am the most impressed with; it is like having your own personal estimating team to back you up.

Over the years, I have asked for special features to be added to eTakeoff and I have yet to be disappointed. I can now estimate 3 times as many projects as I did before, and in today’s competitive market it has translated into a constant stream of work for our company in a construction industry that has been suffering for the past 5 years.