Pattern Search

Pattern Search Overview

Pattern search can be used to find multiple occurrences of symbols representing components that need to be quantified. These components can represent material in any trade including door & wall types, fixtures & receptacles, signs, fire alarms, piers, and even landscape material like trees & shrubs.

A sample pattern is selected in the drawing. Then eTakeoff searches the entire drawing for other occurrences of the symbol. The results are sorted by how well they match the original pattern and displayed in a window for review. You can easily select and deselect matches. The selected matches are then converted into a count measurement.

Pattern Search is offered as an add-on product for Pro and Pro-Plus, and is now included with Premier.


Pattern Search can be purchased for $499.00. Initial purchase includes six months support and maintenance. After that, Complete Care support and maintenance is $99.00/year. You must have either a purchased Pro, Pro-Plus or Premier license before purchasing Pattern Search.
Test Driving Pattern Search

You can test drive Patttern Search for 30 days for free. If you have a viewer demonstration license, Pattern Search will be enabled. If you have a purchased or subscription license, follow the steps below to install a Pattern Search demonstration license.

  1. Run eTakeoff
  2. Select “Admin/Install Add-on License…” from the main menu.
  3. Select the “Pattern Search Add-on” for the Add-on Product.
  4. Check the “Demonstration License” box.
  5. Press the Auto-Gen button to generate a demonstration license.
  6. Press the OK button.