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Independent Estimator


Roger D. O’Connell, Finest Kind! Estimating, Lakeside CA

“Using Extensions when doing takeoff works really well and saves a lot of time and trouble – my partner was really impressed.


eTakeoff is an excellent piece of software. It performs takeoff the way it should be done. It’s very user-friendly compared to some of the other on-screen takeoff programs I’ve sampled. Being able to transfer data directly to an Excel spreadsheet is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. That allows an estimator to design a lumber/EWP/hardware list spreadsheet to his own standards. This spreadsheet can be designed in conjunction with the designing of the Quantity Worksheet in eTakeoff so that the connection between the two is easy and clear.

The support I’ve received from the folks at eTakeoff has been outstanding. Every time I’ve hit a snag their response has been prompt and the people there all speak English that can be understood. They have been able to answer my questions and clear up the problems every time I’ve had to contact them. I would highly recommend, without reservation, the eTakeoff software to anyone considering the purchase of an on-screen takeoff program.”


Roger D. O’Connell
Finest Kind! Estimating, Lakeside California

Gerald Shaffer, Mitchell Estimating Services, San Antonio, TX

“I am now able to take one of my worksheets from eTakeoff and paste it into Excel and have it complete the bid right down to the screws needed for the job. Wow how cool, a job that used to take me and most everyone in the office, to check the formulas and totals in Excel before finalizing the bid, now is a split second operation.”

Gerald Shaffer
Mitchell Estimating Services, San Antonio

Bernie Hamblin, Bernie Hamblin Estimating, Inc., Norristown PA

“I have been using this product for a little over a month now. I have had such a blast learning this system and putting it to everyday use. It has made my life a lot easier. I don’t have to deal with paper at all and that in itself has reduced my take-off time, greatly. Your suggestion that I learn the shortcuts was right on time. Using the shortcuts makes the job so easy that I find myself using the program like a game and of course that makes the time pass quickly. This program is the Bomb!”

Bernie Hamblin
Bernie Hamblin Estimating, Inc., Norristown Pennsylvania