Ribbon Bar Planroom Tab

The Planroom tab of the Ribbon Bar has buttons to download multiple drawings from the planroom and to refresh the drawing list from the planroom.


Download Multiple Drawings

When you are viewing drawings from an integrated planroom, this option allows you to download multiple drawings in the background (instead of downloading them as they are viewed). When you select this option the first time, it starts a three step process:

  1. The Download Project Wizard is displayed to create a new project and/or define the subfolder usage for the download.
  2. The Download Drawing Selection Window is displayed to select the drawings to be downloaded.
  3. The Main Download Window is displayed to show and change the status of drawings being downloaded.
If this option was selected previously, the first two steps will be skipped.

Refresh from Planroom

Press this button to update the drawing list from the remote planroom. This button will only be enabled if the project is associated with an FTP site or a planroom that has an advanced interface with Dimension. See FTP Setup Window for more information on connecting to FTP sites.