PlanWell Toolbar

The PlanWell Toolbar is used to when working with files downloaded from the PlanWell electronic planroom. It allows plans to be purchased from within Dimension. It also supports access to the PlanWell issue tree. The toolbar is automatically displayed whenever Dimension is invoked from the PlanWell web site.

Current Issue

This control shows the current issue, discipline or drawing set selected from the issue tree. When a selection is made, any drawings in the selection are added to the Project Drawing List. The list will also contain any drawings included in the local project. The picture shown here doesn't show the full width.

Project List

Press this button to view the PlanWell Issue Tree. The tree contains the issues, disciplines and drawings sets for the current PlanWell project. When you select from this list, the drawings in the selection are added to the Project Drawing List.
You can drag the edge of the list window to change its width or height.

Add Drawing to Shopping Cart

Press this button to add the current drawing to the shopping cart. If the drawing is already in the cart, the button will indicate that it is pressed. You can press it again to remove the drawings from the cart. The button will be disabled if the drawing has already been purchased.

Purchase Drawings in Shopping Cart

Press this button to Purchase the drawings you have added to the shopping cart. This button will be disabled if the cart is empty. If the PlanWell project you're working on has not be set up in Dimension, it will be created when you press the button. See the Downloaded Project Wizard. Then a web dialog will be displayed to take you through the purchase process. Once the purchase is complete, any purchased drawing that was previously downloaded will be immediately added to the project. Other purchased drawings will be downloaded in the background. You can check the download progress by displaying the Main Download Window.

Add Drawing to Open Order

Once you have purchased drawings, you can press this button to add additional drawings to the open order. This is also referred to as a "quick buy". When you press the button, the current drawing plus any drawings in the shopping cart will be added to the open order. Depending on the settings in the PlanWell Preferences, a web dialog may be displayed to verify the additional purchase.

Display the Shopping Cart

Press this button to display all drawings for the project with purchasing information. The PlanWell Drawing List will be displayed.

Display the PlanWell Preferences

Press this button to display and edit your personal preferences for the PlanWell integration. The PlanWell Preferences Window will be displayed.