PlanWell Drawing List Window

This window displays a list of all the PlanWell drawings in the current project. Each time you select an issue, discipline or drawing set from the Issue Tree in the PlanWell Toolbar, the drawings included in the selection are added to the PlanWell Drawing List.

Figure 1: The PlanWell Drawing List Window

The window is filled by the drawing list. This list shows all the measurements in the current project.

List Columns

At the top of the list are the column headings. The columns are highly configurable:

The following columns are available:

Sorting Rows

You can sort the rows by the value of a particular column. Right click on the column heading and select "Sort by XXXX, Ascending" or "Sort by XXXX, Descending">

Resizing the PlanWell Drawing List Window

You can change the size of the window by dragging the edges or corners of the window or the Resizing Control in the lower right-hand corner of the window. The list will expand or contract to adjust to the new window size. Dimension will remember the window size and re-use it as you close and re-open the window.