Product Review – Barrett Roofing

eTakeoff is an incredibly powerful and versatile piece of software. I am an estimator for Barrett Roofing, a Union roofing contractor in the tri-state area and eTakeoff has made me more efficient with my time, more effective with my efforts, and more competitive with my bids. I starting using the software in August of 2012 and have since noticed a dramatic increase in both my productivity and my profitability / conversion rate. In only four months we doubled our previous bid-output and decreased our margins of error below 2%. We didn’t add a new estimator. We didn’t start working sixteen hour days. We started using eTakeoff and embraced an era of change.

eTakeoff helped me hone in on pin-point precision for my bottom line so I can win jobs. Period. We have all been faced with the choice of “quality” or “quantity.” This software doesn’t force you to choose — it enables you to take a set of plans and turn it into your trade-specific dollars and cents in a fraction of the time it would normally take. eTakeoff puts the tools you need right at your fingertips — accessible with just a click of a mouse button. eTakeoff is vastly superior to other programs.

The key to winning bids in this economy is competitive pricing that is both accurate and aggressive. eTakeoff affords you all the customization of your own personal “in-house” software without the trappings of a clunky interface and poorly implemented back-of-house functionality.

Setting up the Quantity Worksheet, the Excel Spreadsheet integration, and your “bread ‘n butter” traces can take a little time but it is worth it; the more you learn about the program the easier it will be to put together your estimates. If you’re a novice-user I recommend watching the online videos and taking the web tutorials right on the eTakeoff website or opting for the Customer Support subscription.

The most phenomenal aspect of my experience with the eTakeoff has been my interaction with the team. Their website, forums, and phone-support are friendly, helpful, and very accommodating. They know that we rely on their software to bring home the bacon and I always feel like a valued customer. I have participated in many a discussion both via phone call and the forums regarding changes to the software, new features, and implementation. The eTakeoff team keeps an open dialogue and encourages feedback so they can keep the software updated to the ever-changing needs of their clients.