Dimension Project Import

Project Files are created using either the "File/Project Backup..." or "File/Project Backup and Zip..." option of the Main Menu. The "Export and Zip" option includes the project information plus drawings in a single "zipped" file. You can re-create a project by importing the previously generated file.

You should take the following into consideration when re-creating a project by importing:

When you select this menu option, a standard Windows File Dialog is displayed, allowing you to select an existing project file. There are two file types. Those with the extension ".tpx" contain project information only. Those with the extension ".tpxzip" contain project and drawing information. Select a file and press the "Open" button.

The Project Properties Window will be displayed, showing the project properties exactly as they were exported. Modify the properties as desired and press "OK". If the project was exported from another system, you will probably have to change the project folder to match your system.

Importing Project Information Only

In this case, the drawing file should already exist. As the project is imported, Dimension checks each drawing file. For each one that doesn't exist, the Drawing Import Error Window will be displayed. You can cancel the entire import, skip the drawing or import the drawing information even though the drawing file is missing.

Importing Project and Drawing Information

In this case, the drawing files are extracted from the project file so they should NOT already exist. When an existing file is found, the Drawing Import Exists Window will be displayed. You can specify a different name, overwrite the existing file, use the existing file, delete the drawings from the project or cancel the entire import.