Riser Extension

This capability requires Dimension Premier or the Extensions Add-on.

This document describes riser extensions. Riser extensions have all the functionality of normal (formula) extensions, plus they allow a riser length to be entered for each point on the measurement. They are typically used for wiring runs.

Figure 1: Sample Riser Extension

The riser lengths are shown in a rectangle next to each point. They are drawn using the point color.

Creating Standard Riser Extensions

If no standard riser extensions exist, you can create a riser extension using Standard Extension Maintenance. Simply press the "Add" button in the Standard Extension List Window and select "Riser" from the context menu.

Rows can be added. These rows can use formulas with any of the measurement values (Area, Count, Length, Perimeter) or any of the following calculated values:

Figure 2: Standard Riser Extension with Additional Calculation

Editing a Measurement's Riser Information

The formula part of a riser extension can be edited the same way as other extensions. This is described in Extension Measurement Maintenance. You can edit the riser lengths by right-clicking on the measurement and selecting "Edit Riser Lengths..."

Figure 3: Edit Riser Lengths Window

The "Show all points" checkbox allows you to display the riser lengths for all points or just the point you right-clicked. (If you right-click away from any point, all points will be displayed.) Most of the window is filled with the length input list. You can navigate up and down using cursor keys and enter the lengths.

If your User Preferences for the Close-up Window is "Feet/Inches" (and the drawing scale is in feet) the lengths will be displayed in feet/inches (10'-6" rather than 10.50). The lengths can be entered in either feet/inches or decimal. Feet/inch entry should be [feet][dash][inches][space][fraction] (10-6 1/2).

The window is displayed modelessly. That means you can zoom and scroll the drawing while it is displayed.