Work Breakdown Value Maintenance

This document describes how work breakdown values are edited. work breakdown values can be associcated with a standard trace or a measurement. For more information on work breakdowns see the Work Breakdown Overview.

The Work Breakdown Value Edit Window

Work Breakdown Value Edit Window

This window is displayed when you do the following:

Most of the window is filled with a list of the existing work breakdown values. There is one row for each wokr breakdown catgory. When editing values for standard traces, all categories will be displayed. When editing values for measurements, only the categories used in the current project will be displayed.

Each category has a description on the lieft and a drop-down control on the right. You can type the value into the control or press the down-arrow to select from the defaults for the category. If the category is locked, you may only use an existing default value. If the category is unlocked and you enter a new value, it will be added to the defaults for the category. See Work Breakdown Category Maintenance for more information on locking categories.

There are two butttons at the bottom of the window: