Ribbon Bar Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar can be displayed to the right of the File Menu button or underneath the ribbon bar. This menu is highly customizable and can be used to provide access to commonly used buttons not matter which tab is displayed.

Default Configuration

The default configuration of the Quick Access Toolbar includes the following buttons:

Undo Last Change

To undo the last change made to a measurement, simply press this button. You can press the button multiple times to undo multiple changes. Undo works on the following changes:

  • Adding points (connected or disconnected)
  • Editing points
  • Changing the trace (by editing or selection)
  • Editing the description
Shortcut: You can also undo the last action by pressing the Backspace key or by holding the Control key down and pressing the "Z" key.

Cancel Changes to Measurement

Press this button to cancel all changes to the measurement you're working on. If you are adding a new measurement, it will be deleted. If you are making changes to an existing measurement, all changes made since you selected it will be reversed.
Shortcut: You can also cancel all changes to the measurement by pressing the Escape key.

Select Measurement or Annotation

To select a measurement or annotation, press this button, then click on the desired measurement or annotation. The selected measurement or annotation will display yellow circular selection symbols for all points. This button will look like it is "down" whenever you are in select mode. Shortcut: You can switch to select mode by pressing the "Enter" key or the "S" key.

Select Multiple Measurements and/or Annotations

To select multiple measurements and/or annotations, press this button, then click on the desired measurements or annotations. If you click on a measurement that is already selected, it will be de-selected.
You can also select by dragging a rectangle around the desired measurements and/or annotations. Press the left mouse button down on one corner of the selection rectangle, drag the mouse to the opposite corner, then release the left mouse button. Any measurements or annotations that fall entirely inside the rectangle that were not previously selected will be selected. If everything inside the rectangle was already selected, they will be de-selected.
The selected measurements and/or annotations will display yellow circular selection symbols for all points. This button will look like it is "down" whenever you are in multiple-select mode.
This feature is available with Pro-Plus, Advanced, Premier and the Drawing Compare Add-on.

Edit Description

You can add descriptive text to annotations. This text will appear in the "tool tips" displayed when the mouse is paused over the annotations. To add or edit the description for the annotation you're working on, press this button. The Description Edit Window will appear. Type in the desired text, then press the Enter key. If you want to start a new line in the text, hold the Shift key down while pressing the Enter key. Press the Escape key to cancel description editing
This button will be disabled in the Basic Viewer.

Print current drawing...

Select this menu option to print the current drawing. When you select it, the Print Drawing Dialog is displayed. Complete the information in this window and press OK to print part or all of the drawing.

Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar

One of the most powerful features of the Quick Access Toolbar is that you can modify it to include buttons from any tab of the ribbon bar. The Toolbar is ALWAYS visible so it makes those commands available no matter which tab is displayed.

You can display the configuration window in any of the following ways:

The Ribbon Bar Options Window will be displayed with "Customize" selected in the left-hand list and the configuration dialog displayed on the right.

You can drag the edges or corners of the Options Window to make it larger or smaller.

To add a button to the toolbar, do the following:

  1. Using the drop-down list "Choose commands from:", select the tab containing the desired button.
  2. Select the desired button in the left-hand list.
  3. In the right-hand list, select the button above which you want the new button inserted.
  4. Press the "Add >>" button to add the desired button to the toolbar.

To remove a button from the toolbar, select it in the right-hand list and press the "Remove" button.

You can reposition a button within the toolbar by selecting it in the right-hand list the pressing the up/down arrow to the right of the right-hand list.

When you have finished editing the toolbar, press the "OK" button to save your changes. Pressing the "Cancel" button will discard your changes.