Extra Drawing Window

The Main Window displays a drawing that can be edited. The Extra Drawing windows can simultaneously display other drawings, but only the annotations can be edited.

Figure 1: The Extra Drawing Window

Multiple windows can be displayed. To open an extra drawing window, select "View/Open Extra Drawing Window..." from the Main Menu. The window will initially be empty. You can then select a drawing from the list. In addition to the drawing display (which occupies most of the window), the following controls are available (from left to right) in the main toolbar:

The Annotation Toolbar is displayed beneath the main toolbar. Its controls can be used to create and edit annotations.

The size of the window can be changed by dragging the edges or corners. When you switch to another project or close the application, the extra windows will be closed automatically. But their position and drawing display will be remembered. When you return to the project, they will be re-displayed as you left them.