Extension calculates and lays out joists

Joist extensions offer special powerful features. The area to be covered is digitized. The joist spacing and joist width are entered. The length rounding is selected from a list. A pitch can be specified for sloped joists such as roofs. You can then: Rotate the joist orientation to any angle Move the starting point for […]

Extension calculate framing and drywall from one measurement

A simple extension calculates the track distance, stud count and drywall sheet count from a single measurement.  The wall is digitized in a plan view.  The wall height, stud spacing and drywall sides are entered.  The drywall sheet size is selected from a list.  Track distance, stud count, drywall square feet and drywall sheet count are […]

Testimonial from Mark des Groseilliers, LeBlanc Building Co, Scottsdale AZ

“Our company purchased eTakeoff because of its ease of use and the power with which it deals with electronic plans. In addition, the add-in that is available for lumber estimating was exactly what we were looking for – a tool by a framer for a framer. This is like a new toy for me! I […]

Lumber Estimating Add-on from CSP Construction Technology

CSP Construction Technology’s Lumber Estimating system is designed for commercial, residential and multi-family wood framing takeoffs with tools to estimate all dimensional, manufactured wood products, Glu-Lam beams and most types of siding and exterior trim. Automatic transfer from eTakeoff Dimension to a provided Excel Workbook. Click here for more information.