Recent Enhancements 5.6-57

Dimension 5.6-57

Extension Variable Enhancements

We’ve added a variable (UncountedPts) for the total of the uncounted points for all measurements assigned to the item

Batch Import

Batch Import now supports importing of PDF files

Minor Enhancements

  • Drawing Compare windows are re-sizeable.
  • A simplified Trial Process has been integrated into Dimension.
  • Dimension now can create crash mini-dump files
  • Crash mini-dump files may be enabled by eTakeoff Support
    • Crash mini-dump files assist eTakeoff Support in debugging crashes
    • Crash mini-dump files only contain information from Dimension application
  • Print preview speed improvement

Bug Fixes

  • Measurement List window, when in Floating mode might not stay on top during drag and drop operations.
  • Compare Drawings
  • Multi-page PDF comparisons were not stored correctly, and therefore were always showing page 1 when revisited.
  • The “New Drawing Rotation” setting, in the “Drawing Comparison Alignment” window was not being correctly reflected in the view of the compared drawings.
  • Export File was losing scale information for multi-page PDF’s
  • While in the Classic Toolbar configuration, Polar Mode was displaying as if it was always on, but it was off
  • Dragging traces into the Standard Trace Maintenance window now creates the correct description
  • Installer was not installing eTkoinfc.tlb. It now installs and registers it
  • Installer now launches Dimension correctly at end of installation
  • Unlock Code window now includes “Proxy Server”, so users that require use a Proxy Server can set their Proxy values
  • Unlocking now processes errors better and provides more information for support in the Error window
  • Fixed bug where existing users were asked for an unlock code
  • Print Preview window no longer reloads multiple times
  • eTakeoff Bridge users may have noticed that the Dimension HIDE ASSIGNED button did not always correctly hide all takeoff measurements on the drawing that were sent to Sage Estimating, especially when dropping multiple measurements into a single Sage item/assembly.  This version of Dimension corrects that behavior and ensures the HIDE ASSIGNED display is accurate.