Zip Import Window

This window is used to import drawing files from a zip file. It can be invoked from the Ribbon Bar Drawing tab or from the Main Menu File/Import from Zip File. It is also invoked automatically when creating a new project if you select a zip file rather than a folder for the project.

Figure 1: The Zip Import Window

Destination Root Folder -  This displays the root folder where the imported files will be placed. If the zipped files have subfolders and "Use subfolder named from zip file" is selected, the files will be placed in the subfolders under the root folder. You can press the "Browse" button and select a different folder'

Use subfolder names from zip file -  If this is checked the drawings will be displayed in a tree according to their subfolders. When imported, the files will be placed in the subfolders under the root folder. If this ISN'T checked, the files will be shown in a simple list and when imported will be placed directly in the root folder.

Drawing List/Tree -  Most of the window is filled with a list or tree of the drawing files. Each file and each tree branch has a selection check box. Selecting (or de-selecting) a tree branch will select or de-select all drawings and sub-branches within the selected branch.

Select All -  Press this button to select or de-select all drawings and branches.

OK -  Press this button to import all selected drawing files.

Cancel -  Press this button to cancel the import without importing any drawing files.