Download Drawing Properties Window

This window is displayed when you press the "Properties" button on the Main Download Window. It displays the properties for the drawing selected in the Download Queue list.

Much of the information on this page is unimportant to the user. But it can be very useful when diagnosing download problems.

Figure 1: The Download Drawing Properties Window

Filename : -  This is the name of the drawing file. The same filename is used on the web site and when stored locally.

Folder : -  This is the name of the folder on the local system where the file is to be stored after downloading.

URL : -  This is the internet address used to download the file from the Construction Information Network (CIN).

Error : -  If an error is encountered when downloading a file, this control will contain a description of the error.

Status : -  This control displays the current status of the drawing. It will be one of the following:

Size : -  This is the size of the file.

Last Modified : -  This is the date the file was last modified on the web site.

File Identifier : -  This is a code used to identify the file on the web site.

OK -  Press this button to close the properties window and return to the Main Download Window.