Angle and Pitch Window

This window is used to display the angle and pitch of the lines connected to a measurement. To invoke this window, right-click on a measurement point in the Main Window and select "Display Angle and Pitch..." from the context menu. This option is not available in the Basic Viewer.

Figure 1: The Angle and Pitch Window

The red and blue markings show the angles of the two lines from horizontal. The green markings show the angle and pitch between the two lines.

Pitch is defined as the units of rise (vertical distance) for each twelve units of run (horizontal distance). Pitch is undefined (and not displayed) for angles close to ninety degrees.

Copying Angle or Pitch to the Clipboard

To copy the angle or pitch to the clipboard, right-click on the text in the window. A context menu will be displayed allowing you to copy either angle or pitch. For the pitch, only the rise is copied without the "12.00" run displayed in the window