Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 3, 2012

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you a case study with Barrett Roofing plus information on release 3.2 of eTakeoff.  There are also usage tip on the control panel for Basic users and using drawing comparison.

Case Study

Barrett Roofing Stone Barn

Barrett Roofing

Barrett Roofing is a roofing subcontractor in Danbury Connecticut. They provide roofing services in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York State and New Jersey. In addition to roofing they install architectural sheet metal and do other specialty work. Most of their work is commercial, industrial or institutional with projects ranging from thousands of dollars to millions. Click here to read an interview with one of their estimators Brent Goren.

Product News

eTakeoff Release 3.2

Version 3.2 includes these enhancements. Enhancements are available in all versions [unless specified otherwise].

  • You can now compare drawings with different rotations, different scales and/or different resolutions. [Pro-Plus and above]
  • Pattern Search Enhancements for more powerful review and refined search. [Premier]
  • Compare measurement quantities across projects. [Premier]
  • Not to scale measurements. [Premier]
  • New Riser Extension typically used for wiring runs. [Premier]
  • Joist Extension enhancements to edit individual joists. [Premier]
  • Roll Extension enhancements to display and copy roll lengths. [Premier]
  • The Control Panel is now available to Basic users. [Basic]
  • Numerous other enhancements for all levels.
Click here to get a detailed description of these and other enhancements.
WARNING: Upgrading to version 3.2 requires a database upgrade. If you have multiple users sharing the same database (not drawings) on a shared server, they all need to upgrade simultaneously.

Basic Viewer Tips

Control Panel Video Button

Control Panel now available for Basic users

The Control Panel is a vertical panel that is docked on the left side of the Main Window. Basic users have access to the Rotation Control, the Quantity List and the Trace List. To view the Control Panel, click “View” in the Main Menu and then select “Control Panel”.

In the Advanced and Premier version, more “Controls” can be placed in the panel to provide quick access to functions that are normally accessed via multiple mouse clicks. Also, the Control Panel can be docked in different locations and moved to other monitors to maximize viewing. Click to watch the video on using the control panel in Advanced and Premier: Using the Control Panel.

Advanced Viewer Tips

Drawing Compare Example

Drawing Comparison

Drawing comparison allows you to overlay two different drawings and see the differences between them. Markings that are common to both drawings are shown in black. Markings that exist in the old drawing but are missing in the new drawing are shown in red. Markings that are added in the new drawing are shown in blue. With release 3.2, drawing comparison is even more powerful. Watch the video to see how this feature can save you time. Available in Advanced and Premier.