Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 2, 2010

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you news on release 2.5 of eTakeoff with Pattern Search and a partner profile on UDA Technologies.  There are also usage tips on setting a drawing scale, calibrating scales and using the control panel.

Product News

eTakeoff Release 2.5

Release 2.5 of the eTakeoff viewer is now available with a host of enhancements for Basic, Pro, Pro-Plus and Premier users. Read More…

The new release can be downloaded here.

eTakeoff Pattern Search

Release 2.5 includes our new auto counting feature called Pattern Search. Pattern Search can be used to automatically find multiple occurrences of symbols representing components that need to be counted such as fixtures, switches and receptacles. A sample pattern is selected in the drawing. Then eTakeoff searches the entire drawing for other occurrences of the symbol. The results are displayed in a grid to easily make additions or deletions. The selected matches are then converted into a count measurement. Click Here to watch the introductory video. (Pattern Search is sold as an add-on to our Pro, ProPlus and Premier versions.)

Basic Viewer Tips

Setting a Drawing Scale

You may set the drawing scale either by selecting it from a drop down list or by typing the dimensions into the Drawing Scale Edit Dialog screen. Click here to watch a video. Or select the topic “Scale, Drawing” in the help file index.

Calibrating Scales

In some cases, the scale may not be shown for a drawing or the scale is inaccurate, but one or more dimensions are specified on the drawing. In this case, you can specify the scale by “Calibrating” it. Click here to watch a video. Or select the topic “Scales, Calibrating” in the help file index.

Advanced Viewer Tips

Using the Control Panel

The Control Panel is a vertical panel that can be docked on the left or right side of the Main Window. Different “Controls” can be placed in the panel to provide quick access to functions that are normally accessed via multiple mouse clicks. Here are some of the functions available to place in the Control Panel; Bird’s Eye Window, Drawing List, Layer List, Measurement Edit, Quantity List, Rotation, Trace List/Tree. Click here to watch the Control Panel training video. Click to watch the video: Using the Control Panel.

Partner Profile

UDA Technologies

UDA Technologies is a software company that specializes in construction management software, most well-known for their award-winning program – ConstructionSuite. Measurements created in eTakeoff can be easily transferred to ConstructionSuite Estimating. Click here to read about UDA’s products for construction companies.