Testimonial from Randall Miller, Due South Concrete, Inc. Canton GA

“I’ve never seen a software package be combed so thoroughly and OFTEN based on customer input. I look forward to these e-mail update notices because I know my job just became faster/better/easier.” Randall Miller Due South Concrete, Inc. Canton Georgia

Testimonial from Mark des Groseilliers, LeBlanc Building Co, Scottsdale AZ

“Our company purchased eTakeoff because of its ease of use and the power with which it deals with electronic plans. In addition, the add-in that is available for lumber estimating was exactly what we were looking for – a tool by a framer for a framer. This is like a new toy for me! I […]

Testimonial from Ken Pitts, Wilson & Hamilton Painting and Finishing Contractors, Anaheim CA

“eTakeoff has great support. I sent them an email asking them how to download plans from McGraw-Hill Construction into the new eTakeoff Viewer. They quickly sent me back a response with instructions. eTakeoff, you guys are my heros. One button and, “Bam” there they were. Great job and thanks for the immediate response. ‘All Hail […]

Testimonial from Manny Alvarez, A-1 Property Services, Inc., Miami FL

Your product kicks butt! I love it! It is so intuitive and elegant (best word to describe it). I love the dude (or lady) who created it! Awesome! It really appeals to my sense of economy and reason. Your prompt response and concern, though impressive and outstanding, doesn’t surprise me now that I see how […]

Testimonial from Tom Bannon, The Lombard Company, Alsip IL

We are a general contractor that performs between $20 to 30 million in primarily public sector work in the Chicago Metropolitan area annually. We are signatory to the carpenters and laborers union, and we rarely self-perform any work, except when the terms of the contract require some percentage of work to be self-performed. We have […]