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Doors & Windows

Counting Doors & Window may seem like a simple task. But missing only a few may cost you a job. eTakeoff makes it simple by coloring all of your counts as you take them. You might also like to use the Patent Pending Pattern Search function and allow eTakeoff to find Doors & Window for you. eTakeoff can not only find and count your items, it can accumulate all your other materials like Door Hardware, Thresholds and more.

Case Study with Construction Specialties

Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties, Inc. is an enormous organization with sales offices and manufacturing across the globe. They offer a wide variety of products including doors, wall coverings, flooring, louvers, grilles, sun controls, specialty venting cubicle tracks and curtains and more. Click below to read an interview with Steve Snyder, the Estimating Supervisor for their Expansion Joint Cover business unit.