Extension calculates and lays out joists

Joist extensions offer special powerful features. The area to be covered is digitized. The joist spacing and joist width are entered. The length rounding is selected from a list. A pitch can be specified for sloped joists such as roofs. You can then: Rotate the joist orientation to any angle Move the starting point for […]

Extension calculates hip / valley lengths

A simple extension calculate hip/valley length.  The hip or valley is digitized.  The run is entered (it defaults to 12).  Then the rise is entered for each side.  If the second rise is the same as the first it doesn’t need to be entered. Click here for an overview of how extensions work

Case Study with Barret Roofing

Barrett Roofing is a roofing subcontractor in Danbury Connecticut. They provide roofing services in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York State and New Jersey. In addition to roofing they install architectural sheet metal and do other specialty work. Most of their work is commercial, industrial or institutional with projects ranging from thousands of dollars to […]

Testimonial from Manny Alvarez, A-1 Property Services, Inc., Miami FL

Your product kicks butt! I love it! It is so intuitive and elegant (best word to describe it). I love the dude (or lady) who created it! Awesome! It really appeals to my sense of economy and reason. Your prompt response and concern, though impressive and outstanding, doesn’t surprise me now that I see how […]

Testimonial from Brent Goren, Barrett Roofing, Danbury CN

eTakeoff is an incredibly powerful and versatile piece of software. I am an estimator for Barrett Roofing, a Union roofing contractor in the tri-state area and eTakeoff has made me more efficient with my time, more effective with my efforts, and more competitive with my bids. I starting using the software in August of 2012 […]