Recent Enhancements 3.3

Added in Version 3.3-60 and Later

3.3-66 Released September 2014
3.3 Originally Released June 2014

Add new Bid Codes on the Fly

When selecting a bid code for a trace or a quantity worksheet item you can now add a new bid code on the fly.

Length Displayed for Dimension Annotation

While adding the second point for a dimension annotation, the dimension length is now displayed in the close-up window.

Scaled Line Widths and Point Sizes
Scaled Line Width

You can now scale the width of trace lines and points to match the actual size of an object. Suppose you were taking off a foundation wall by digitizing the wall length and entering its width. Displaying the width graphically would help spot errors and also improve the display.

The line is digitized down the center of the object. The scaled width is displayed using the fill color. Similarly you can display a scaled circle or rectangle at each point of a measurement.

The scaled size is specified using special extension variables. Premier is needed to edit extension variables. Once the extensions are created they can be used by Advanced and Pro users. See the New Traces and New Extensions topics below for some predefined scaling extensions from eTakeoff.

Imperial/Metric scale preference

eTakeoff has an increasing number of international users. Most of these users use metric scales mostly or exclusively. To accommodate them we added a scale preference that can be set to Mostly use Imperial, Always use Imperial, Mostly use Metric or Always use Metric. If you select “Mostly”, that scale type will be shown first in the scale list with the other type following. If you select “Always”, only that scale type will be listed.

Sync Button in the Measurement List

A “Sync” button has been added to the measurement list. If this button is checked, as you move from measurement to measurement in the list, the corresponding drawing will be displayed in the main window. The corresponding measurement will be scrolled into view and selected. The focus will NOT switch to the main window as it would if you double-clicked a measurement in the list.

Drop Description to Create New Trace

Setting up new traces can be a laborious process for new users. Often you have a list of estimating items and would like to create matching traces. Now you can do that with drag-and-drop. With eTakeoff running beside the application with the estimating item list (perhaps Word or Excel), simply drag the item description and drop it on a trace similar to the one you wish to create. You can drop on the trace tree in the control panel or the Standard Trace Tree. A trace will be created using the properties of the trace you dropped on but with the dropped description. You can make changes as needed then save the new trace.

Extension Creation during Trace Edit
Trace Edit New Extension

A button has been added to the Standard Trace Window to allow you to create a new extension while you are creating or editing a standard trace. When you press the button, the new formula extension window will be displayed. When you complete the extension you will return to the trace edit window. Extensions can only be created by Premier users.

Improved Missing File Handling during Project Restore

If you have ever restored a project with many drawing files you didn’t have, you’ll remember having to select missing file handling over and over for each file. Now there’s an option to “Handle all drawings this way. Don’t ask again”. Just check that box and away you go.

Hide Unused Extension Variables

Suppose you had an extension for wall area that subtracted out doorways. You might ask for a Door Count, Door Width and Door Height. But if Door Count is zero, you don’t want to see the Door Width and Door Height inputs. Now you can hide an input variable if a previous variable is zero.

New Traces
  • Foundation Wall – Scaled Uses the “Foundation Wall – Scaled” extension
  • Paint – Subtract Doors & Windows Uses the “Paint – Sub Doors & Windows” extension
  • Pier – CY Scaled Uses the “Pier Volume Scaled” extension
  • Rectangle Duct – Elbow Uses the “Duct Elbow” extension
  • Rectangle Duct – Reducer Uses the “Duct Rectangle Reducer” extension
  • Round Duct – Reducer Uses the “Duct Round Reducer” extension
  • Slab on Grade CY with Rebar Uses the “Slab on Grade with Rebar” extension
  • Spread Footing CY Scaled Uses the “Spread Footing CY Scaled” extension
New Extensions
  • Duct Elbow Calculates the surface area
  • Duct Rectangle Reducer Calculates the surface area
  • Duct Round Reducer Calculates the surface area
  • Foundation Wall – Scaled Shows the scaled area of the wall
  • Paint – Sub Doors & Windows Subtracts doors and windows from the area of a wall
  • Pier Volume Scaled Point size is scaled
  • Slab on Grade with Rebar Calculates the rebar length based on the spacing
  • Spread Footing CY Scaled Shows the scaled area of the footing

New users will have these automatically. Existing users can import them from the file:
[eTakeoff Projects Folder]/eTakeoffSamples/NewTracesAndExtensionsRelease 3.3.tsx

Metric Scales

New users will have metric scales automatically. Existing users can import them from the file:
[eTakeoff Projects Folder]/eTakeoffSamples/MetricScales.tsx

Earlier Enhancements

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