Award Winning Ribbon Bar Interface. If you use any of Microsoft’s Office products you will be right at home. It’s one of the reasons Software Advice selected eTakeoff as “one of the best designed construction takeoff UI’s on the market.” (Software Advice – Sept 2013)

Tool Tip Help On Each Button. Just pause the cursor over any button to get immediate Help. Also, the entire Ribbon bar has context-sensitive Help, so you don’t need to do an exhaustive Help search to get Help specific to where you are in the program – it’s just a click away. Even the workflow is built right into the User Interface!

True Database Structure
 – Some systems have no actual underlying database.  They store all measurements in a series of small files spread throughout the project folders.  The more measurements you take off, the more performance suffers.  It’s also a backup and integrity nightmare.  Dimension’s Database engine is small and fast…eTakeoff immediately stores all measurements in its Database as you perform takeoff.  And as you grow, the Database grows with you.   There’s no need to later switch to a larger SQL engine with the ensuing conversion headaches and ongoing maintenance.

No Need To Convert PDF Files – Many older systems require you to convert PDF files into their system’s native TIF file format before you can begin any work in the project. A typical project with 100 PDF drawings can delay you as much as 15-20 minutes to perform that conversion! eTakeoff reads PDF files without conversion – with eTakeoff you’ll create your project and be working with your PDF drawings in seconds.

True Multi-User Technology – eTakeoff supports full multi-user concurrent use across a network. With true record-locking technology, multiple estimators can all work in the same Project (even on the same Drawing!) without conflict.

Concurrent License Management – The optional License Manager will automatically manage your software licenses in any location world-wide that has internet access. You can install eTakeoff on as many computers as you wish and know that eTakeoff will maximize your software investment – there’s no need to pay for licenses you don’t need.

Client/Server Technology – Many estimators doing simultaneous takeoff across a network can often result in latency issues because of the large amount of graphic data being transferred. While other software providers ask you to pause and wait for the network to catch up, eTakeoff’s optional Client/Server engine can greatly improve the speed across the network as traffic increases. Because the load is split between the desktop and server, Client/Server vastly improves network stability and integrity. Ask your IT professional about the advantages of Client/Server capable software.

Unique Features To Save You Time
.  All electronic takeoff systems do measurements. eTakeoff has innovative features that also save time in other ways while working with electronic drawings.

Assembly Capabilities – Generate additional quantities using user-defined extensions with your own formulas, variables and if/then logic. Don’t be limited to 3 or 4 quantities per measurement! For example, generate all the quantities for an entire wall or slab with one measurement.

Work Breakdowns – Work breakdowns can be used to add attributes such as part numbers, location, etc. to measurements. An unlimited number of work breakdown categories can be defined (part number, location, etc.). Values for each category can then be applied to measurements.

Detail Scales – Set multiple scales on the same drawing.

Specialty Tools – Pre-defined tools with user customization
Riser, Joist, Roll, Hip/Valley, Grid

Favorites – Exclusive feature to save time with repetitive tasks.

Pattern Search – Best symbol search in the industry with patented features. Our latest innovation now allows searching multiple symbols across multiple drawings, all done in the background while you return to continue doing takeoff. An industry First!

Superior Excel Integration – Link measurements to the spreadsheet and perform updates to the spreadsheet as you change measurements or continue takeoff.

Superior Estimating Integration – Check out our new BRIDGE product! This is the most innovative and seamless estimating integration in the industry.

Three Product Versions – Don’t Pay For Features You Don’t Need. The Basic, Advanced and Premier products allow you to mix and match based on individual estimator needs. You can upgrade any version at any time. See the eTakeoff Comparison Chart for a feature list by product.