Recent Enhancements 5.6-68

Dimension 5.6-68 Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

  • Single Instance of Dimension/eTakeoff.exe
    Please note Dimension/eTakeoff.exe no longer allows multiple instances to be run at the same time
    We have disabled the ability to have multiple sessions of eTakeoff Dimension open because it has caused issues with corrupting users’ databases and computer registry stored values.For Advanced & Premier users, you can achieve the same result by opening Extra Drawing Windows to display other plans within the same project.To open Extra Drawing Windows, click on View / Extra Drawing Window
    Click here (Extra Drawing Window) for more information.
  • Update to new logos
    Please note the icons have changed from a ‘yellow e’ icon’ to a ‘transparent blue e’ icon 
  • Various Installer updates
  • ‘N’ Key starts new measurement from last selected Global/Project Favorite
    Pressing the ‘N’ key in the drawing window with a previously selected Global/Project Favorite will start a new measurement with the favorite
  • Work Breakdowns Control
    The Work Breakdowns Control now has a checkbox for Project, will will filter Work Breakdowns for the project only (i.e. not show global)
  • Updates for Dodge Data & Analytics
  • Interaction with Dodge Data & Analytics has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Control Panel Filter not working when changing drawings
  • Fixed a bug, where the Control Panel Filter did not remember previous settings when changing drawings
  • Drawing List Crashing
    Fixed a bug, where the Drawing List was crashing on startup
  • Control Panel Filtering PersistenceFixed bug where changing Drawings lost Filtering selections
  • Pattern Search Crashing
    Fixed bug where Pattern Search was crashing