Jeff Keyes

“Thanks for your support! eTakeoff Dimension software helped out a ton in landing a huge job!  Our timing worked out great!  I was able to work on a few smaller projects before tackling a beast.  We are all fans!”

Gary Brady

“eTakeoff has SUPERIOR customer support! They are friendly, knowledgeable and understand the construction industry.”

Roger O’Connell

“Using Extensions when doing takeoff works really well and saves a lot of time and trouble – my partner was really impressed.”

Kevin Bilger

“Thanks for the great program; it makes my job a lot easier.”

Dan Rhode

“I am now doing 5 times as many estimates as I was on paper, with increased accuracy.”

Garry Priest

“Our Denver office has taken over the estimating for all 6 of our offices nationwide. We are using one less estimator than we were for Denver alone.”

Carl Montegna

“I don’t care how good you are with paper takeoffs, this is much better. Our accuracy has increased; I am not going back to paper.”

Anthony S. Jones

“I am performing ten times as many takeoffs and proposals as I was before. I am doing $500K or bigger projects in a couple of days instead of weeks.”