Roger D. O’Connell

“The support I’ve received from the folks at eTakeoff has been outstanding. Every time I’ve hit a snag their response has been prompt and easily understood. They have been able to answer my questions and clear up the problems every time I’ve had to contact them. I would highly recommend, without reservation, the eTakeoff software […]

Terry L. Lewis

“We at Division Seven Inc love your product. We have used other estimating software in the past that has cost much more but did not perform as well. The tutorials make it easy to learn and the support staff has always been quick to respond. It has made our estimating and even project management more […]

Paul Hammell

“eTakeoff is my first choice to use as an on-screen takeoff tool. The other products I’ve tried are cumbersome to use and don’t have nearly the number of powerful features and flexibility eTakeoff offers. All of that PLUS excellent customer service!”

Roger D. O’Connell

“eTakeoff is an excellent piece of software. It performs takeoff the way it should be done. It’s very user-friendly compared to some of the other on-screen takeoff programs I’ve sampled. Being able to transfer data directly to an Excel spreadsheet is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. That allows an estimator to design a […]

Jeff Allison

“The neat thing about eTakeoff is that it can be used not only with plan rooms, but with plans that are emailed to me or on a CD. No other viewers compare to the ease of use and functionality of eTakeoff.”

Gerald Shaffer

“I am now able to take one of my worksheets from eTakeoff and paste it into Excel and have it complete the bid right down to the screws needed for the job. Wow how cool, a job that used to take me and most everyone in the office, to check the formulas and totals in […]

Ron Zucker

“eTakeoff is the first software I’ve used that thinks like I do. Also, the interface shows most of what you need to see, the plan. The conversion clarity of drawings is second to none and it’s user and computer overhead friendly.”

Randall Miller

“I’ve never seen a software package be combed so thoroughly and OFTEN based on customer input. I look forward to these e-mail update notices because I know my job just became faster/better/easier.”

Bernie Hamblin

“I have been using this product for a little over a month now. I have had such a blast learning this system and putting it to everyday use. It has made my life a lot easier. I don’t have to deal with paper at all and that in itself has reduced my take-off time, greatly. […]

Mark des Groseilliers

“Our company purchased eTakeoff because of its ease of use and the power with which it deals with electronic plans. In addition, the add-in that is available for lumber estimating was exactly what we were looking for – a tool by a framer for a framer. This is like a new toy for me! I […]