What’s the best way to start a new measurement with a specific trace?

There are many ways to start a new measurement. These methods will automatically select a trace for the new measurement: Double-click on a Trace in the Control Panel This is the most popular and most powerful way to start a measurement unless you’re using the Quantity Worksheet. If you display the Trace List or Trace […]

Why does my annotation disappear after I create it?

There are several reasons why this behavior may occur. Check the following properties of the annotation: Make sure the Transparency Slider is far enough to the right. Make sure the layer assigned to the annotation is turned ON. Make sure the font’s color of the annotation is visible. Make sure the fill’s color does not […]

Why can’t I digitize points except on a 90 or 180 degree line?

The behavior you’re describing is know as “polar mode”. (The term is from CAD.). You can turn polar mode on or off by clicking the button in the measurement toolbar. When adding points in polar mode, the point is forced to fall on a line that is a multiple of 90 degrees from the previous […]

How can I make the Trace List/Tree return to the last trace I used?

The Trace Tree/List works in one of two ways: One trace is designated as the default trace. Each time the tree/list is opened, it will return to this trace. If no default trace is specified, the tree/list will return to the last trace selected. To see if there is a default trace, start a new […]

Does eTakeoff offer any training?

Yes, we offer a variety of options to accommodate your needs: support sessions , training videos , & training guide.

Can I “test drive” the advanced features of eTakeoff?

A 30 day trial (Demonstration License) is built into the program. The trial includes all Pro, Pro-Plus and Premier functions. Once you’re familiar with the Basic functionality, you can start your trial by selecting “Admin/Install Demonstration License…” from the main menu. Fill in the form and press the “Get License…” button. Then you can use […]