How do I transfer my existing eTakeoff license from one computer to another?

First, determine if you need to transfer eTakeoff data as well. To transfer existing data to the new computer, see FAQs “How do I transfer a project from one computer to another?” and “How do I transfer my standards database (traces, layers, bid codes, scales and extensions) from one computer to another?” before performing step […]

Can I install eTakeoff on more than one computer?

You can install the Basic (free) version of eTakeoff on as many computers as you like. Licenses for the Pro, Pro-Plus and Premier versions of eTakeoff must be purchased for each computer. The Basic version is able to display and review all information created by the advanced version.

Why do I have to enter my Installation Password each time I open eTakeoff?

You probably don’t have permission to access the registry folder where the eTakeoff license information is stored. Try right clicking on the “eTakeoff Application” icon on the desktop and select “Run as Administrator”. When eTakeoff is open, enter your Installation Password again. Close eTakeoff and then open again normally.

Are there any special procedures for installing eTakeoff on “Vista”?

You must turn off User Access Control (UAC) for the installation. That can be done as follows: From the “Start” menu (in the lower-left-hand corner of your screen), select either “Settings” then “Control Panel” if you use the Windows Classic view or “Control Panel” if you use the Windows default view. Make sure the Control […]

How do I resolve error “Error reading setup initialization file” when installing eTakeoff”?

These errors happen when the installation package is corrupted during the download process. To correct the problem, do the following: Open Internet Explorer and click on “Tools/Internet Options”. show me Then click on the “Delete” button. show me Make sure “Temporary Internet Files” is checked then Click OK. show me Re-boot your computer. Repeat the […]