How does Bridge work?

Bridge is a separate program that runs between eTakeoff Dimension and the Estimating system to which it is integrated. When Bridge is started, it captures all the item and assembly information from the estimating system and presents it within the Bridge Main window. The estimator drags an individual measurement from the drawing in eTakeoff Dimension […]

What is an Assignment?

An “Assignment” is the relationship between a specific takeoff object (measurement) and a specific estimating object (item/assembly).

What is Basic Setup Mode?

Basic Setup Mode allows you to quickly create Traces in Dimension by dragging Estimating assemblies from Bridge and dropping them on Standard Traces in Dimension. Watch the Basic Setup Mode video here.

What is Extended Setup Mode?

Extended Setup Mode is similar to Basic Setup Mode, however Extended Setup Mode will transfer all the Assembly variables, variable notes, min/max ranges and defaults. Watch the Extended Setup Mode video here.