How do I create an eTakeoff project for a Bid Tool project?

First you must view one of the plans for the project as described above. Then do the following: Select “File/Save” from the main menu (or press the “Save” button on the main toolbar). The “New Project Information” window will be displayed. show me Press the “Browse” button to create a new folder for the project. […]

How can I view different plans without going back to the Bid Tool plan page?

eTakeoff keeps a list of all the plans in the project. To view another plan, do the following: show me Note that the name of the current plan is displayed in the Project Toolbar. Press the down-arrow button to the right of the name to display a list of the other plans. If needed, you […]

How do I view Bid Tool plans in eTakeoff?

First you must have Bid Tool set your drawing viewer preference as described in the previous question. Then do the following: From the list of projects, click on the “PLANS Available” button for the desired project. show me Make sure “Open Plans/Specs with Etakeoff” is selected. show me Click on the plan you wish to […]